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Someone I really like once said. "While describing life's journey, it should be almost impossible to seperate fact from fiction - the truth from the myth - the man from the legend'. I completely agree.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Straight on the horse's mouth

Finally this damn blog will have something that will go with it's name. As Einstein put as a comment the other day - This space is neither updated daily nor is it a travelogue. But who the heck questions and who the hecker thinks these days, he further said ?

Not me, and definitely not my masters.

Anyways, I had gone on a trek this weekend to 'Kudremukh' which in Kannada translates to 'Horse's mouth', which brings me to the point of this post. There is something funny about hills in South India. I mean, how is it possible that South Indian mountains mean something peculiar:
Anaimudi - Elephant's brow
Kudremukh - Horse' mouth
Thadiyendomol - Daughter of the fat man (She is beautiful, btw)

And we are talking about some of the highest peaks in South India, not changu mangus. Compare this with the neat names up north - Kailash Parbat, Nanda Devi, Kanchenjunga (suddenly the possible exception of Nanga Parbat hits me)

As they would say up north- Madraasi Yaar, kabhi to thoda respaact diya karo bhagwaanji ko...

I would have put up the whole damn travelogue - how we reached, how we ate, how we got lost, how cold the water was, how we ran from the leeches, how magnificent the view from the top was, how exhausted we were, how kind our hosts were - but frankly I don't have the right words to do justice to the amazing experience I had with the Horse's mouth.


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